" Wolfe Communication Systems, Inc., can help you with Door Access Systems."

Door Access Systems

Wolfe Communication Systems, Inc. works directly with DSX Access System as a trained factory dealer for Door Access Systems. Door Access Systems can create a tailored system for any entity that needs to incorporate all of its requirements into one central access control point.

DSX Access Systems uses a scalable architecture that grows from one door to thousands of doors; from one PC to an entire Enterprise Network Solution. You only purchase what you need, when you need it for where you need it. The system grows with you without any ongoing incremental up-charges for the expansion of more doors, more people, or more client workstation capacities. All DSX software is accompanied with Site Licensing resulting in only one purchase for a complete solution.

DSX designs, produces and tests all of its software and hardware in its Dallas, Texas, location. DSX is not dependent on a third party company or competitors to produce quality hardware. DSX supports and repairs all products custom-built by its engineers.

Hundreds of thousands of controllers are in service with less than a .01% return rate. The repair of all products sold in almost 30 years does not require a full-time repair technician. That is quality you can rely on and reliability you can take to the bank.